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2018 Give Away

We are doing something new for 2018 !!  We are "Giving Away" a complete "Revolution Dash"  shown above.... 

"THIS DASH" WILL BE GIVEN AWAY, You can not choose or design the give away dash!


** Our dash's are 100% Plug n Play (Yes 100% plug n play) This dash will come "Completely Wired" with "All Sensors" and full instructions to install this into your 84-87 Regal...


For more info on the gauges and their functions ----> 




* The winner will be drawn on Saturday at the Buick event  in October.  ( Winning Ticket # 660174 Charity Adair who was present @ BG )


* You can see this dash on display at Richard Clark's & the Buick GS Nationals events where you can also enter to win as well as here.. 


* On saturday we will have a random person make the draw for us and we will post the winner here as well as contact them via email or phone.



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