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1967 Chevelle

1967 Chevelle Front LED Marker Light Panels

1967 Chevy Chevelle Digital Front Marker Lights.jpg
1967 Chevy Chevelle Digital Front Marker Lights KIT.jpg


Digital Front Marker Lights are the perfect complement to DIGI-TAILS digital LED tail lights! They are brighter and more eye-catching than anything else available, giving your car a consistent and updated look. These Digital Front Marker Light kits includes everything needed to replace your old bulbs with superior LED lighting.



  • High-intensity wide-angled LED light-panels fill each lens to maximize light output of your lens. Make your car safer for you and other drivers at any speed.

  • Digi-tails Digital Front Marker Lights meet or exceed DOT & SAE requirements.



  • Each kit has been designed to fit the original housing precisely and utilize the optics of the original lens.

  • Complete installation package ensures a trouble free installation.



1967 Chevelle Front LED Marker Light Panels               #2100466


Dramatically enhance your front lights with high intensity wide-angled LEDs that maximize light output making your lights safer and brighter. Easy to install.


LED Accessories


  • An electronic LED flasher (see Related Products) is highly recommended for use with DIGI-TAILS Digital Tail Lights, but may not be necessary.

  • If you are installing both LED tail lights and LED front lights, two electronic LED flashers are required.

  • Housing and lenses are not included, however, DIGI-TAILS taillight kits are designed to fit your existing housing and lens perfectly.





Number of LED's:      28 Per Side


What's In the Box:

 * 2 LED Panels

 * Terminals, Connectors, Tubing

 * Glue

 * Complete Instructions


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