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Body & Frame

1970-81 Camaro

Metco Drive Shaft Loop                                         #MDL9000


Metco's one-piece driveshaft safety loop is custom-designed to fit the floor pan of the 1970-1981 GM F-body.  The ring is made from seamless DOM steel in an oversize dimension to accommodate lowered vehicles and aftermarket driveshafts.  The flanges are laser-cut from heavy-duty steel and the assembly is precision-welded in a fixture.  The finished loop is powdercoated black and packaged with installation instructions and Grade 8 hardware.

This driveshaft loop is designed to mount to the floor pan within six inches of the front universal joint, and it requires that the user add four holes to the floor pan for the mounting bolts.  Installation instructions are included.



DSE Deep Tubs                                                         #040403


The DSE Deep Tubs are inner wheel housings designed to accommodate wider tire and wheel packages, including tires as wide as 335 mm. They are designed for a perfect fit, retain a stock appearance. The Deep Tubs are almost three inches wider than stock, stamped from 18 gauge steel, made in the USA.


Deep tubs will significantly reduce the number of hours required for a mini-tub

project and will maximize your savings.

$525.00 pair

DSE Fender Brace Kit                                             #011802



The DSE Fender Brace Kit is another way to beautify the engine compartment of your 1970-1981 F-Body.The Fender Brace Kit has 100% CNC machined clevis' from 304 Stainless Steel. The kit includes fabricated mounting brackets and comes with button head stainless steel mounting bolts.The Fender Braces triangulate the radiator core support to the fender and are fully adjustable, a benefit not available with your stock Fender Braces. All mounting brackets come powder coated satin black.

$232.00 pair

DSE Sub-Frame Connectors                                           #010103

The Detroit Speed weld-in subframe connectors increase your car's stiffness by connecting the front subframe to the rear frame rails. Our subframe connectors are fabricated from 2" x 3" x 0.120" wall rectangular steel tubing. Laser cut brackets are included that attach the rear of the subframe to the connector for an easy, strong, and simple welded joint. Unlike others, the DSE subframe connectors are barely visible from underneath the car. The rear of the connector is tapered to attach to the rear frame rails and also has a laser cut slot that conforms to the rear seat floor pan. The connectors are bent and TIG welded in a fixture for accuracy and repeatability. Our subframe connectors do not interfere with seat attachment hardware or the installation and removal of the rear leaf spring pocket. Additionally, the molded factory carpet will still fit over the subframe connectors. Our weld-in connectors are supplied with templates, pictures, and detailed instructions for installation.


A/C Delete Fill Panel                                                          #010903


This bolt-in A/C delete plate is an easy way to smooth your factory firewall when installing an aftermarket air conditioning system like Vintage Air. This panel is made
of 18-gauge steel and stamped with pride in the USA. For original A/C only 1970-1981 F-Bodies.


DSE Firewall Fill Plate                                            #010904


Our exclusive Detroit Speed firewall fill plate is an excellent way to smooth your firewall when installing an aftermarket air conditioning system such as Vintage Air. Our panel smoothes the passenger side firewall, while retaining the stock cowl to firewall seam. The weld-in panel is made of
18-guage steel and has a rolled edge. It comes complete with installation instructions and is stamped with pride in the USA


DSE Body Mounts & Stainless Bolt Kit                   


Detroit Speed's solid body mounts provide a simple approach to eliminating the flex that occurs between the body and subframe connection. This will improve vehicle handling response by increasing chassis stiffness. These mounts should be used when installing subframe connectors for maximum torsional rigidity.

Detroit Speed's uniquely designed body mounts are CNC machined from billet aluminum. The mounts are then hardcoated, not bright anodized. The hardcoating process resists corrosion that can occur between steel and aluminum surfaces with regular bright anodizing. CNC machined stainless steel bevel washers are included. 17-4 stainless steel flanged body bolts are also available as an option.

Our mounts are available in either 1/2 height or stock height.


* Call to place order

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