Body & Frame

1978-88 G-Body

GNS Carbon Fiber Core support Braces              #20000GNS


Made out of 100% Carbon Fiber, very light weight yet very strong! The fender braces triangulate the radiator core support to the fender. By resisting the bowing forces, core support bars are designed to oppose the weak link in the sheet metal. As long as the bars are perfectly straight in tension, they are effective!


Fits:  84-87 Regal / 84-88 Monte Carlo

Metco Drive Shaft Loop                                         #MDL2000


Metco's one-piece driveshaft safety loop is custom-designed to fit the floor pan of the 1978-1988 GM G-Body.  No drilling is required for installation.  Like all Metco loops, the ring is made from seamless DOM steel in an oversize dimension to accommodate lowered vehicles and aftermarket driveshafts.  The loop is physically the largest ring that will fit the G-body tunnel at 6.50" OD.  The flanges are laser-cut from heavy-duty steel and the assembly is precision-welded in a fixture.  The finished loop is powdercoated black and packaged with installation instructions and high-grade hardware.

This is the original bolt-in G-body driveshaft safety loop. 


GNS Radiator Box in Kit                                                   #20100GNS


This kit was designed to replace those flimsy factory rubber pieces around the radiator.

This kit will divert 100% of the air  that travels through the grill to be forced through the radiator resulting in 10-15 deg cooler temps. Our kit is made out of 1/16" aluminum sheet that comes factory coated in a satin black.

* Very minor notching is required external coolers or intercoolers.


Fits:   1984 -87 Buick Regal

DSE Front Chassis Brace Kit                                           #034001

Through an extensive testing program, DSE discovered there are substantial improvements that could be made over the original chassis braces. By triangulating the front crossmember and frame rail we were able to reduce deflection within the front section of the chassis. The chassis braces are 1-1/8” OD x .120” DOM wall. All necessary hardware is included.


Fits:    All 1978-88 G-body

Buick Regal Wheelhouse Patch Panels                #20120RH


These wheelhouse patch panels are exact reproductions of the original GNX patch panels that were installed on each GNX back when they were produced. These were designed to add additional clearance to the back of the front wheelhouse for the bigger wheel & tires.
Depending on what wheel & tire combination you have you may need additional clearance for the top portion of the wheelhouse, this additional clearance can be achieved by purchasing the "Wheelhouse Extension Kit" that allows for more clearance in the top portion of the front wheelhouses.
We have learned that the holes may vary from GNX to GNX so if you are buying these for a GNX the holes will be left blank so you can trace the holes from your exsisting panels over to the new ones. If this is for a Grand National or T-Type then the holes will be in the patch panels for you!


Fits:    84-87  Buick Regal

Buick Regal Front Wheelhouse Extension Kit                   #20190RH


Depending on what wheel & tire combination you have you may need additional clearance for the top portion of the wheelhouse, this additional clearance can be achieved by purchasing our "Wheelhouse Extension Kit" that allows for more clearance in the top portion of the front wheelhouses. Powder coated metal inner fender extensions, instructions and seam sealer included.


Fits:   84-87 Buick Regal

1978 - 1987 GM G-Body AC/Heater Box Delete Panel


This delete panel is designed to eliminate both the heater box and air conditioning unit from the engine bay of your vehicle. Removal of the A/C unit and heater box instantly removes 30 pounds from the front of your vehicle while cleaning up unwanted engine bay clutter. Product is CNC machined from 0.125" Aluminum plate and is supplied bare aluminum with a sanded finish. Red or black powder coat is available below for an additional cost, for other colors please e-mail us for availability.


Installation: Requires removal of heater box. No drilling required, uses factory holes and hardware.


Rear Frame brace3
Rear Frame brace.
Rear Frame brace2.

G-Body Rear Frame Brace Brackets                    


The new rear frame brace kit is designed to stiffen the rear frame ends

considerably over the stock frame. This bracket kit allows you to bolt each bracket onto each rear frame end then you are required to make your own cross bar to fit your specific length (as each frame will have different measurements). Once your cross bar is measured and cut to length it can be "Tack Welded" in place then removed and finished and coated how you like.                Fits 78-88 G-body


$98.95    "Brackets only"      


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Cross brace for our Rear Frame Brace Brackets

This cross bar goes in between our two brackets to complete the frame brace. This brace is strong enough that it has been used as a Chute mount.  It has a 4" sleeve welded into one end so the center weld iis nice and clean & flat when finished. Cut of both ends to fit your measurements.

Cross Brace Only



"Complete Kit"

$129.99  Black


$129.99  Red

1978-1988 GM G-Body Rear Shock Tower Brace, Bolt In


This 100% jig built, bolt-in brace ties the rear upper shock mounts together to share the load and stiffen the chassis. Strong 1-1/4” tubing is MIG welded to 3/16” thick laser cut brackets for a perfect fit. Hardware is included to make this a true, easy bolt-in installation. This brace is designed to clear all of the popular exhaust systems and works equally well on coilover setups and traditional spring/shock combinations. All UMI products are built from US Steel and are available in black and red powder coat. The P/N 3055 is manufactured, tested and raced out of Philipsburg, PA – USA.



  • Manufactured from 1-1/4” USA Tubing

  • CNC laser cut 3/16” mounting brackets

  • Grade 8 hardware included.  

  • Easy bolt in installation with basic hand tools.

  • Powder coated for a durable long lasting finish

$229.99  Black


$229.99  Red

1978-1988 GM G-body Front Reinforcement Brace, Bolt In


The UMI Performance, Inc. reinforcing front frame brace is used to stiffen the front frame horns and front crossmember area on the GM G-body platform. The UMI three point frame brace takes the place of the popular “Grand Prix Bar” and also the stock frame reinforcements. No drilling is required and Grade 8 hardware is included. This brace weighs in at less than 10lbs and is recommended for street, strip, auto-x or road racing.



  • Heavy duty yet light weight, brace weighs 9-1/2lbs with included hardware.

  • 1-1/4” USA tubing construction.

  • 3/16” laser cut mounting brackets.

  • Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

  • No drilling required, uses existing holes.

  • Reduces squeaks and rattles common with the GM G-body platform.

Note: Currently approved for Grand National platform with "STOCK" intercooler ONLY. Occasional grinding may be required due to GM G-body product tolerances. UMI used five test cars for fitment in a variety of years and no grinding was required.

1978-88 G-Body Poly Engine Mounts


These new Poly engine mounts  are designed to benefit the every-day driver as well as the full time racer, at any performance level.  These are a Must on your Turbo Regal ..


   1978-1988 GNS G-Body Rear Frame Notching Kit, Weld In

                                       1978 - 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino
                                       1978 - 1988 Buick Regal, Grand National
                                       1978 - 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix, LeMans
                                       1978 - 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass



GNS G-body frame notch kit allows for narrowing the rear upper frame rails on the G-body for installation of a wider tire. Laser cut 1/8” premium steel follows the frame contour (with some intentional slight overhang) and is easily weldable with a standard Mig welder. End enclosures are included to span from the repair to the original frame. Cutting, welding and fabrication is required. This kit is designed, manufactured and raced out of the USA.


  • 1/8” precision laser cut mild steel.

  • Slightly oversize to allow for GM frame variances.

  • End enclosures included to span from kit to original frame.

  • Cutting, welding and fabrication is required.

  • 100% designed, manufactured right here in the USA

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