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Buick Plug Wires

We carry several different makes of custom fit plug wires for the Turbo Buick v6's. These wires offer a nice snug fit to the engine

which results in a nice clean look. Each set comes pre-numbered for the coil pack making things easier when working on your


TR6 Plug wires     #20290TR6

These wires are for the TR6 coil and box! They will NOT work on the stock Turbo Regal coil pack.


These come numbered as well



Fits Buick Regal-Turbo v6 applications only


MSD 8.5 Super Conductor Wires   #20300SL

Incredibly low resistance without electronic interferance!

In a single 12" length of MSD Super conductor wire there is

only 40-50 ohms of resistance.



* Smooth 90* boots that properly fit the Buick OEM coil pack

* Pre-numbered sleeves

* Pre-grouped together for each side, ready to install (as pictured)


Fits Buick Regal-Turbo v6 applications only


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