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Buick Cam Sensor
  Rebuild Service

Turbo Buick Cam Sensor Rebuild Service


Why spend Hundreds of dollars on a brand new Cam Sensor or even money on a old dirty used cam sensor that is most likely worn out anyway when you can have us rebuild your existing one for Only $85.00 and have it Better than new?


When we receive your cam sensor in for a rebuild we take them completely apart and inspect every piece and check tolerances before going any further as some are wore out so badly they can not be rebuilt. If your cam sensor is too far gone or needs some new parts we will inform you of what is exactly wrong/needed and what your options are.


From there we clean every part that isn't going to be replaced and we clean & polish the cam sensor body to a shine better than new!


We then rebuild each cam sensor with brand new wear parts and balance the interrupter ring at the top for smoother operation (Which was Never done on OEM cam sensors) Then assemble them with oil so they are ready to be installed.


We replace the following:


* Wave washer

* Two Bronze bushings

* Two Shim washers

* Heavy Duty Spring Roll Pin

* Rubber O-Ring

* Cam fix on Reluctor Ring



Here is what you need to do to have your cam sensor rebuilt:


Simply send in your cam sensor to us at the address listed below with a letter enclosed with your full name, address and phone number to reach you. Please enclose a check, M/O, or cash in the amount of $85.00 to cover the rebuild cost, that also includes the return shipping!  If for some reason your cam sensor can not be rebuilt that $85.00 will go towards a freshly rebuilt cam sensor that we have in stock.  *** Do Not send us the cam sensor cap ***


GNS Performance

P.O. Box 216

Dandridge, TN 37725



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