Front Suspension Products

1967-69 F-Body

The Detroit Speed Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain and improving roll camber. DSE's suspension products have been computer modeled and the components have undergone finite element analysis.

DSE has done all the engineering and testing, and supplies all parts needed to complete the installation. All you will need to do is follow the instructions and supply the grease. Installation of front suspension products should be followed by a professional alignment.

DSE Hydroformed Sub Frame                      


Detroit Speed’s front subframe is a bolt-in replacement for the original stock subframe. It improves the handling and ride quality by utilizing DSE’s unique suspension geometry. It is the ONLY subframe in the aftermarket industry with hydroformed frame rails. The hydroformed frame rails feature strength and stiffness, precise quality and repeatability. Hydroforming preserves the steel’s strength and stiffness because it is performed at low temperatures, unlike traditional high temperature processes which decrease material strength.

Comes complete with the folowing componants:


• Hydroformed Framerails
• Stamped Crossmembers
• Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms
• DSE/JRi Coilover Shocks for Subframe with 'Detroit Tuned' valving
• Coilover Spring
• Power Rack and Pinion Steering
• Splined Anti-Roll Bar
• C6 Steering Knuckles and Bearing Packs     ** Sub Frame Must ship Freight!

Up to a 10" wide wheel can be packaged without modification to the inner wheel wells. Both the main and secondary crossmembers are stamped for structural rigidity. SBC, BBC, LS1, LS2, and LS7 engines have been designed as a direct bolt-in into this subframe.


** Pricing starts at $7,000.00   Call for Ordering / details

SpeedKit 1         (2 & 3 Not pictured)                


Our exclusive Detroit Speed front suspension kits combine our individual products into a system designed for your vehicle. The DSE Speed Kit 1 provides the ease of bolt-on components to improve your Camaro/Firebird or Nova handling. The Speed Kit 2 improves the handling performance to the next level and offers ride height adjustment. The Speed Kit 3 is the most advanced handling system you can buy for use with the stock subframe. It gives you the ultimate steering performance of today's modern performance cars.




** Many Options Available  Call for Details / Ordering

Tubular Upper Control Arms                        #030101


The Detroit Speed upper control arm kit is a bolt on enhancement for your 1967-1969 F-Body . Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain and improving roll camber. DSE's upper control arms have been computer modeled and the components have undergone finite element analysis. The control arms have CNC stainless steel cross shafts which incorporate DSE's 'Caster Tuner Bushings'.


Tubular Lower Control Arms                       


Detroit Speed's tubular lower control arms replace stock lower control arms on 1967-1969 F-Bodies. These new tubular lower control arms are shipped complete with lower ball joints, steering stops, jounce bumpers and are ready to install on your car. Features include a robust tubular design with gussets and cross brace, Delrin bushings with steel housings and crush tubes, and a black powder coat finish. The geometry features include additional positive caster and a dropped spring pocket compared to stock. These lower control arms are available with either a conventional lower coil spring pocket or a double shear mount four our coilover kit.   Choose Below!



 Stock springs                     Coil Over springs

Coilover Conversion Bracket                        #034001


The Detroit Speed coilover kit is designed to convert your stock front subframe to a true coilover shock/spring. Additionally, it provides a new upper control arm mounting plate that is relocated to a new position to improve geometry by raising the front roll center.

Kit Includes:

• Upper control arm mounting plates, upper coilover mount brackets 
• Stamped steel rings that trim the pass-through of the coilover shock through the subframe 
• Fasteners 
• Fixture to locate the new upper control arm brackets in position


Camber Track Shims                                           



Detroit Speed’s Camber Shim Track Kit allows you to adjust camber easily with our one-piece slotted camber shims. Each shim is machined from 6061 aluminum and is then anodized black for durability.

** Choose your application below, DSE subframe or Stock frame


Kit Includes:

(4)  1/16" Shims

(4)  1/8"   Shims

(2)  1/4"   Shims


DSE SubFrame                 Stock Frame

Front Dropped Springs                                  #031115


Use our 2" drop coil springs to lower the front of your 1967-1969 F-Body. These springs provide good ride and handling qualities, while giving your car a performance Pro-Touring stance.


*Choose your application below.

$195.00 pr.

  SBC / LS                             BBC

Front Sway Bar                                               #031401


Improve cornering and reduce body roll with Detroit Speed’s own larger diameter hollow anti-roll bar. Our larger than stock bar is powdercoated black and comes with everything you need to bolt it on including greaseable polyurethane bushings and end links. We test all of our anti-roll bars to assure optimal performance with our DSE Front Speed Kits. We bend all of our anti-roll bars in-house. This allows us to control quality so you receive the best product for your money.


Front Lower Control Arm Bushings              #030201


DSE lower control arm bushings consist of a steel housing with a Delrin™ bushing and a steel crush tube. All parts are CNC machined and come with stainless steel grease fittings.

Unlike aluminum bushings, our steel outer housing can be tack welded to the lower control arm if desired. This is beneficial because production variation and years of service can distort the lower control arm bushing bore. The steel crush tube is always plated in a zinc electroplate with a yellow chromate finish to insure corrosion resistance.


Front Upper Control Arm Bushings              #030401


These urethane upper control arm bushings are designed as an upgrade over stock for improved handling. This kit includes one car set of upper control arm bushings.