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Engine / Body

2010-14 Camaro


Metco LSA  S/C Pulley


Replace the original supercharger pulley on your CTS-V or ZL1 with one of our precision-made overdrive units to make as much as 5.5 pounds of additional boost for more more horsepower and torque.

Our LSA supercharger pulleys are a three-piece design, utilizing a precision-machined steel pulley hub and an interchangeable aluminum ring and front cover.  The center bore of the pulley hub is sized for the appropriate interference fit and no pinning or drilling is necessary for installation.  The pulley ring and stock-appearing front cover are black-anodized for long lasting surface protection, and the steel pulley hub is nickel-plated (not shown). The interchangeable design allows for easy boost level changes.  Once the pulley hub is installed on the supercharger, the pulley rings (and pulley covers) can be purchased separately and easily changed.

We recommend the installation of the MIP-100V idler pulley (listed elsewhere in this section) on applications using overdrive (smaller) supercharger pulleys.

Note 1:  While the original belt can be re-used with the 2.85" pulley, a shorter supercharger belt is necessary when the 2.40" or 2.50" overdrive supercharger pulley is installed.  The Gates or NAPA 080653 in the premium Greenstripe line, is recommended (0.7" shorter than stock).  If this pulley is installed in conjunction with our MIP-100V idler and the 9.55" pulley ring, a 68.5" belt is recommended. 

Note 2:  The end of the supercharger shaft on the LSA application is not threaded like it is in other applications, so a standard pulley removal and installation tool cannot be used.  The supercharger snout must be removed from the supercharger case and the original pulley must be removed and the new pulley installed using a press or a suitable pulley tool.  No gaskets need to be replaced and generally no lubricant is lost during this procedure.  As part of this changeover, we highly recommend replacing the original snout isolator, which is problematic and prone to make noise.  Our solid isolator is precision-machined from very high grade materials and installs as a direct replacement for the original.       * Fits: 2009 & Newer CTS-V and 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1


Metco S/C Pulley Rings  (Ring Only)

This listing is for the individual supercharger pulley rings we manufacture for the GM LSA application.  If you already have a Metco Motorsports supercharger pulley kit on your CTS-V or ZL1, these rings will fit the pulley hub on your car.  These pulley rings and covers are precision-machined from billet aluminum and then black-anodized for a long-lasting stealthy appearance. 

This kit includes the pulley ring and matching cover only.  The complete supercharger pulley kits (hub, ring, cover, and fasteners) are listed elsewhere in this section.


* Fits: 2009 & Newer CTS-V - 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1


Metco S/C Idler Pulley                                            #MIP-100V


This 100mm billet idler pulley is designed to replace the factory idler pulley located directly beneath and to the left of the supercharger pulley.

In CTS-V or ZL1 applications using a smaller than stock supercharger pulley, belt slippage at higher engine speeds can reduce both boost and power.  The larger diameter of this pulley serves to increase belt wrap at the supercharger pulley, as well as increase tension on the supercharger belt.  This pulley is an easy bolt-on solution to troublesome belt slippage.  

This pulley is approximately 4" in diameter and 1.75" wide at the belt surface.  It is compatible with the original 8-rib belt used in the GM LSA application as well as custom applications using a 10-rib belt.  

* Fits: 2009 & Newer CTS-V - 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1


Metco S/C Isolator                                                   #LSA0001


The supercharger isolator is part of the supercharger drive assembly and is located in the supercharger snout.  The original isolator as installed at the factory contains a spring mechanism and is notorious for noise and a short service life.  The spring in the original isolator wears a groove on the supercharger shaft, creating debris that will eventually cause the shaft seal to fail.  Our replacement coupler is precision-machined from a solid piece of high-grade thermoplastic and installs as a direct replacement for the original.  Our coupler is not susceptible to the issues that plague the original unit.

We highly recommend replacing the original isolator with this upgraded unit when an overdrive supercharger is installed on the car.


* Fits: GM LSA - 2009 & Newer CTS-V - 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1


Metco Idler Pulley Relocation Bracket                   #MRB 1000            


This precision-machined idler relocation bracket is designed specifically for the GM LSA application.  The bracket installs as a direct replacement for the original, but moves the Metco 50mm crank idler pulley (bottom) away from the crank pulley to allow for drive rings larger than 9.55". Another important benefit is that the 100mm supercharger idler pulley's position (top) is optimized to improve belt wrap at the supercharger pulley, which is crucial in applications using a smaller-than-stock supercharger pulley.

No modifications are necessary for installation, and all necessary fasteners are included.

As shipped, the kit includes the bracket and fasteners only.  The bracket is intended for use with our 50mm crank idler pulley, and if your vehicle is not already equipped with this pulley, please select the appropriate option below.  If the supercharger pulley has been changed to an overdrive (smaller) unit, the oversize 100mm supercharger idler (MIP-100V) should be added.  Please choose from the options below. 

Important Note for ZL1 Installations:  In some instances, the tensioner pulley on the accessory drive will interfere with the installation of this bracket.  The solution is to swap the tensioner pulley with the smaller diameter idler on the driver's side of the engine.  Installing this smaller pulley on the tensioner arm provides the necessary clearance for the bracket, and the installation of the tensioner pulley on the driver's side of the engine allows the retention of the existing accessory drive belt.

Note:  The pulleys offered as options with this bracket are also available separately and are listed elsewhere in this section.  However, there is cost savings associated with the purchase of the kit as shown here.


* Fits:  2009 & Newer CTS-V - 2012 & Newer Camaro ZL1

Metco Drive Shaft Saftey Loop   2010 - Up Camaro


The ONLY driveshaft loop for the 2010 & Newer Camaro that requires NO DRILLING for installation!

This bolt-on driveshaft safety loop is designed exclusively for the 2010 and newer Camaro SS equipped with either the six-speed or automatic transmission.

This driveshaft safety loop is an original Metco Motorsports design and no modifications to the vehicle are necessary for installation.  The loop can be installed without having to remove the driveshaft and it is compatible with popular aftermarket exhaust systems.  

The mounting brackets, support bracket, and hoop that comprise this kit are made from laser-cut high-grade steel, which is then precision-formed on a CNC press.  The components are powdercoated in black for appearance and long-lasting surface protection.

The two mounting brackets attach securely to the transmission mount studs, and the loop support bracket mounts to these brackets at four points, adding great strength and vibration resistance. 



The loop is positioned in the driveshaft tunnel above the exhaust system, providing maximum clearance for all surrounding components.  Ground clearance remains completely unaffected.  And unlike the competition, it is not necessary to drill holes in the car's transmission crossmember for installation.  If it is ever necessary to remove our loop from the vehicle for selling purposes or warranty work, no one would ever know it was there.  

The kit includes illustrated installation instructions and all necessary hardware.  No special tools are required for installation. 

Here is a link to an installation on a car equipped with an automatic trans (manual trans is similar):!prettyPhoto

Note 1:  If your vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket driveshaft, the front universal joint is located further rearward than with the OEM shaft.  The optional bracket extension is offered to position the hoop portion of the loop kit in the proper location on an aftermarket shaft.  In some installations with the bracket extension, the aluminum shield on the floor pan of the car must be trimmed slightly for loop clearance.  This bracket is also available separately and is listed elsewhere in this section.

Note 2:  Since these photos were taken, this driveshaft loop kit has been revised slightly so that the bolts that secure the loop to the loop mounting bracket thread downward from inside the loop into the bracket (instead of up into the loop feet, as shown).  This change was made to create additional clearance for aftermarket exhaust systems. 

Note 3:  The images above show the loop kit mounted to the OEM six-speed crossmember and transmission mount.  These components are shown for illustrative purposes and will not be included in the kit.  Installation for the automatic application differs minimally (see image 5).  

Does not fit Camaro ZL1 with automatic transmission.  Fitment on the ZL1 with the six-speed is unconfirmed at this time.

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