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1978-88 G-Body

GNX Style Dash inserts are Here!


Our GNX style dash inserts are 100% Plug n Play! Gauges are made in the USA and they all carry a LIFETIME warranty!  Each dash comes:  pre wired with all connectors needed, full instructions, Fuel gauge pre programed for your sender, all new senders for the water temp & oil pressure gauges.


Fits 1984 - 87 Buick Regal

Complete Dash Inserts $1,566.00

GNS 3-Gauge Cluster                                    #20130GNS


Our gauge cluster is covered in a quality automotive vinyl to blend  with your cars

natural interior. This cluster is only available in Gray but can easily be dyed to match your interior. It simply mounts behind your dash suround using one screw. All mounting hardware & instructions are supplied with each cluster to complete your install.  Made out of sheet steel, laser cut, CNC bent for accuracy.


* Gauges not included


Fits 1984 -87 Buick Regal

GNS 4-Gauge Cluster                                    #20140GNS


Our 4-Gauge cluster is another alternative to the common pillar pods. This

cluster is a 2-piece design that fits nicely into the front tray of the Buick Regal

counsole and fits snug under the radio pod to give you a nice snug gauge cluster.  It is made out of sheet steel, laser cut & CNC bent for accuracy on each piece.   * Gauges not included


Fits 1984 -87 Buick Regal

GNS Glove Box Mount                                 #20150GNS


Our Glove box mount was designed around the Bailey Engineering "2-Step" box, XFI Sportsman, AMS Boost Controler, Fuse Blocks and More!

What this mount/bracket does is replace the OEM glove box that is attached to the door, which allows you to attach items that you want hidden away nice and neat with easy access. NOTE: with this bracket you can still store papers and such under this bracket, kind of minimizes the glove box but still useful.

Fits 1984 -87 Buick Regals / May fit others