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Metco Control Arms

1978-88 G-Body

Metco Upper Control arms


The Metco Motorsports upper control arm is comprised of a precision-machined aluminum block housing a threaded steel pinion, a heavy-duty zinc-plated adjuster, and a precision-welded and powdercoated clevis. The combination of these premium components results in a control arm that can be installed as a direct replacement for the factory control arms, but offers the benefits of in-car adjustability, the firm response of polyurethane bushings, and an independently-verified 400% increase in strength.


The Metco control arms require no disassembly for adjustment, and the user can even dial in the pinion angle with the vehicle's weight on the suspension. Prior to shipment, the arms are assembled on a fixture and carefully set to match the length of the stock control arms for the intended application. No adjustment is required by the installer.

Energy Suspension-brand polyurethane bushings are included for all pivot points to provide a ride quality befitting a high performance vehicle without the harshness of rod ends or heim joints. The design of the Metco control arm also provides additional clearance for oversize exhaust pipes routed over the axle. Competitors may claim that their 'larger' center adjuster is stronger, but the adjuster we use in our arms is CNC-machined from high-grade steel in our own shop, and ours is proven to survive in the most extreme applications. And unlike some others, our arms can be adjusted on the car with no special tools required.

The control arm set includes polyurethane bushings to replace the bushings in the differential ears, the necessary hardware, and comprehensive installation instructions.


Metco Lower Control arms


The Metco Motorsports high performance lower control arms for the G-Body are CNC-machined from 6061-T6511 billet aluminum for unsurpassed strength and precision-fit. The control arms are clear-anodized for long-lasting surface protection.Our control arms are designed to be installed as a direct replacement for the factory control arms, but offer the benefits of the dramatically stronger billet design and Energy Suspension-brand polyurethane bushings.

Each bushing has a grease fitting for long term, noise-free service. The arms are machined to accept the factory rear sway bar (or aftermarket equivalent) and require no modifications to the vehicle for installation.

Detailed installation instructions are included.


For users with an aftermarket chassis-mounted rear sway bar, these arms are also offered without sway bar mounting provisions.


Please call or email for details and availability. Note regarding bushing selection: For street and street/strip vehicles, the polyurethane bushings are recommended. For more serious vehicles used in competition, the Delrin/polyurethane bushing combination should be used. Delrin is a low-friction, composite material that allows near-zero deflection at each control arm mounting point. Delrin bushings offer extreme durability but are not recommended for street use.



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