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Air Suspension Packages

1970-81 Camaro/F-body

Building a wicked Camaro, firebird? Are you wanting the ultimate in bolt in performance and ride quality? The level 3 Street Challenge package has all of your bases covered. The level 3 package is specifically engineered to exceed your driving expectations no matter if it is Road Atlanta with a helmet on or I-70 west out of Denver with a trunk full of luggage. The Level 3 "Street Challenge" system includes the best of every option we have to offer. Upgrades like StrongArms, MuscleBars, and the RidePROe3 control system are included.          Contact us for further information or Upgrades to any package! 

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AirPod RidePRO e3

1970-81 F-Body  Level 3                                 #11170399


This is our "Street Challenge" system and it includes the best of every option we have to offer. If you are looking for the most versatile, and best performing system, then this is the option you should consider. Upgrades like StrongArms, MuscleBars, and the AirPOD control system are nearly always included in the Level 3 system.

* Includes: Air pod E3 5gal, Level pro ride height sensors, E3 Remote control, front TA shock waves, front Muscle bar, front upper & lower a-arms, 4-link, Rear TA Shockwaves, tie-rod adjusters



1970-81 F-Body Level 2                                  #11170299


The LEVEL 2 system provides more tuning with the addition of a ShockWave® front kit and the enhanced RideProe3™ control system.The front ShockWave® system is a simple bolt-on install that includes our STRONGARM™ tubular control arms. The single shock and air spring unit provides a cleaner appearance and offers adjustable shock valving to aid in tuning. A 4-Link AirBAR® will position the rear more precisely and eliminatethe flexing and instability of the leafspring rear. The 5 gallon RidePro® e3 compressor system provides 4 way digital control. It allows 3 system air pressure presets to provide accurate adjustments with the touch of just one button.

* Includes: Ride pro E3 digital 5gal, Front SA shock waves, front upper & lower A-arms. Rear SA Shockwaves, Rear 4-link.



1970-81 F-Body Level 1                                  #11170199


The LEVEL 1 system offers a more economical solution to gain the advantage of riding on air. The front and rear  ShockWaves provide a simple bolt-on solution that allows you to change ride height instantaneously. A 4-link will position the rear more precisely and eliminate the flexing and instability of the leafspring rear. The 3 gallon compressor system provides 4 way independent control with the useof RidePro® valve body. It comes with easy to use analog gauges andelectronic switches for accurate control

* Includes: Ride pro standard analog 4-way system, Front NA shock waves, Rear shock waves.


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