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Today’s discerning hotrodder wants to enjoy driving their older musclecar as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or 4 thousand dollars to accomplish this.

RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGrip suspension system was created.

The virtues of a quality RideTech suspension system have been well-documented on highways and race tracks all over the world. Now, we have combined this history of product quality and racing success into the intelligent hotrodders efficient suspension system…the RideTech StreetGrip!






67-69 streetgrip.png
70-81 streetgrip.png

67-69 Camaro

70-81 Camaro

64-67 A body

68-72 A body

68-74 Nova

63-70 C-10

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 9.49.22 PM.png

58-64 B body

55-57 Tri Five

78-88 G body


Go to any car gathering in America…for every 18″ wheel, 14″ brake, 600hp LS engine, 6-speed transmission car you see, there are 300 musclecars there with 15″ rally wheels and white letter tires. These hotrodders enjoy their cars every bit as much as any other “race oriented” enthusiast does…but maybe in a different way. The StreetGrip customer likes to fire his car up a couple times a week to drive it to work…make an appearance at the local Cars N Coffee gathering, or maybe just take a weekend cruise. They want it to be smooth, reliable, nimble…and FUN to drive! RideTech has been focused on creating suspension systems that address a wide variety of hotrodders…Street Rods…Sport Trucks…Musclecars…and Racing. We have taken that 20+ years of engineering, racing, and market experience and developed a simple suspension system that is easy to install, rides wonderfully, and provides SERIOUS handling improvements while accommodating that battlefield we call the STREET.

The performance criteria for the StreetGrip system is as follows…in order of importance:

  • Ride Quality — EVERYONE is concerned about ride quality…ALL the time. If it does not ride good, you’ll never drive it enough to appreciate the good handling!

  • Handling — We have optimized the handling characteristics not for competition tires, but for real-world street tires that will see thousands of highway and backroad miles.

  • Ease of Installation — No cutting…no welding…no fabrication…no modifications to fuel lines, brake lines, or exhaust. The StreetGrip system is a DIRECT replacement for your OEM suspension components.

  • Complete System in One Box — No worries about compatibility of various components…nothing else to buy.

  • Price — In the $2000-$2500 range. Right legs and firstborn children not accepted :)


We feel that we have met every one of these goals better than anyone has ever done it before!

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