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Scan Tools / XFI

Buick ScanMaster                                               #1007-Buick


Excellent small scantool for monitoring Knock retard, O2's, sensors, etc Well known in the buick community.


Simple hookup, 12v, gound, and one wire connects to ALDL plug under radio.

Red lead hot wire

Black to ground

White to ALDL port top row second in from the left.


Version 2.1 is the newest version.
The Scan master will show you:

O2 - Oxygen sensor millivolts
KR - Knock Retard
AF - MAF Airflow in grams/sec
LV8 - Load Value
BAT - Voltage to the ECM
INT - Integrator
BLM - Block Learn Multiplier
MPH - Miles Per Hour
CLT - Coolant Temp
ATS - Air Intake Temp
RPM - Current Engine RPM
TPS - Throttle Position in volts
IAC - Idle Air Control motor commanded position
CC - Oxygen Sensor Cross Counts
MAL - Malfunction Codes


  • It uses a dot matrix OLED, so the display is very clear and readable, its 128 x 64 pixels.

  • It captures the leanest reading and highest knock for immediate recall, along with the MPH's where it occurred

  • It has a bluetooth module, so you can log from it to a phone/tablet/laptop (Windows and Android)

  • It has a flash memory chip and will store logs that you can download later

  • It reads all Data of ALDL, as well as PowerLogger data

  • You can clear trouble codes when running the PowerLogger and a compatible chip.

  • Displays analog data when connected to a PowerLogger

  • Displays all the Speed/Density info when running an SD2 chip as well as Fuel Composition (E85 alcohol)

  • Lots more!



** Scans exactly what the original scanmaster did & More!


"NEW"  ScanMaster G Scan Tool 

This updated version of the very popular Scanmaster for the Turbo Buick cars takes tuning and datalogging on the stock computer to the next level! A simple plug-and-play installation of this neatly contained gauge will allow the driver to see all pertinent information right on the front of the gauge.

The unit will detect the incoming datastream type during power-up. The beta version supports the following datastreams:

Stock Buick V6 Turbo: with all the variants that increase update speed and include injector pulsewidth and spark advance.

Stock Buick V6 Turbo with PowerLogger: (ensure the PowerLogger is up to date, (at least version 5.0). The Scanmaster option for "Scanmaster G" must be turned on using the USB connection from PLC (at least version 2.6.0) before the datastream will work correctly.

Bluetooth Connection?: Yes, you can connect via bluetooth and log!

Bluetooth: The unit will transmit data over bluetooth to a laptop or android device. The pairing code default is 1234. Pair your device and follow these steps. For an android device, install ALDLDroid from the Android App Store - Google Play.

Its inexpensive and works well. Install the ADX files provided to allow communication with the Scanmaster G. Connect to the "ECU" and the app will log and display data. More details to follow. For a laptop, with a PowerLogger, the PLC software will communicate over bluetooth. Most of the functions are operational. With only ALDL comms, TunerproRT will communicate using the same ADX files as ALDLDroid. Once the ScmG is paired, Windows will install port drivers (usually 2, use the lower numbered one). Then select that port for logging and connect. Internal Logging: The PowerLogger logs will record in the ScmG, and can be extracted later. This function is preliminary. The trigger threshold is set in PLC on the F3 page.


The left button on the unit is the Mode button and will step thru the various display modes. The right button is the reset/recall button and will return the display to the default display as well as display any captured data. while holding the recall button you will see the leanest captured data frame and the MPH that it occurred. While holding the recall button, if the mode button is also pressed the highest knock retard value will be displayed along with its MPH.


Buick Power Logger                                             #1018


The most advanced datalogging scantool available today for the 86/87 Turbo Buicks and 89 TTA's. Connects to USB port on laptop (needs Win98SE, 2000, XP, Vista). Plugs into the ECM, slight modification of the ECM case is necessary, very easy to do.

Comes with a chip to update a Scanmaster 2.1 to the 2.2 version, so the Scanmaster can then be connected to the Powerlogger for faster updating, wideband and boost display



XFI Sportsman & Mounting Bracket



"NEW"  XFI Sportsman & Mounting bracket Combo


If you've ever wanted an aftermarket ecu but couldn't justify the cost?

This a COMPLETE plug and play ecu..

- Special XFI Sportsman ECU with true speed density fuel control and data logging 
- Casper's custom adaptor harness
- Wide Band O2 sensor
- Communication cable and software

The Buick XFI Sportsman will come with a Buick program already installed into the ECU. This will be custom program built for your specific combination just like we do on the standard XFI.

To keep costs down, the Buick Sportsman XFI does not have internal boost control (95% of our Buick customers already run an external controller i.e. RJC, Lorenz, Leash, AMS, etc..). It has the ability to run E85 or other alternative fuels, but no provision at this time for a flex fuel sensor input. No Individual cylinder fueling or timing.

The Buick XFI Sportsman is compatible with the popular eDash touchscreen display. The Buick XFI Sportsman is also adaptable to Coil Near Plug operation with the optional EZ-LS Ignition Controller and is compatible with the optional EZ-TCU Transmission Controller. This ECU will fill the needs of 90% of the Buick market at less than half the cost.

      ** FREE Custom Start Up Program from Cal Hartline including Follow Up Tech Support Provided with EVERY XFI Purchase!

FAST XFI  2.0 ECU                                                                             #301000


The FAST™ XFI™ system precisely balances fuel, air and spark. Plus, it allows you to fine-tune like never before. The XFI™ system comes with easy-to-navigate software that’s completely configurable and allows you to set the priorities. With 400% faster processing, no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.” XFI™ features revolutionary Qwik Tune™ technology that lets you preprogram up to four different EFI profiles. Then — with the flick of an in-car switch — you select the power characteristics you need! Additionally, a surface-mounted computer board and billet ECU enclosure give the XFI™ superior durability in even extreme performance applications. XFI™ is compatible with all common ignition types, including GM HEI, LT1, LS1, -2, -6, DIS, Ford EDIS (4.6L & 5.4L), and Dodge 5.7L Hemi applications.



** "ALL" of our XFI units come with a FREE Custom Start Up Program From Cal Hartline including Follow Up Tech Support with EVERY XFI Purchase!



  • XFI 2.0™ ECU

  • Wide-Band NTK O2 Sensor w/ Wiring Harness

  • 5 Ft. Communication Cable

  • USB to Serial Converter Cable

  • Chrome XFI™ Badge

FAST XFI "Package Deal"  


This Plug N Play Package Deal has EVERYTHING you need to get

your Buick up and running.


Package Includes:

XFI w/Wideband O2 Sensor, O2 Connection Cable, Plug N Play Adapter Harness,

3 Bar MAP Sensor, O2 Bung, Communication Cable, USB to Serial Port Adapter,

and All Software.



** "ALL" of our XFI units come with a FREE Custom Start Up Program From Cal Hartline including Follow Up Tech Support with EVERY XFI Purchase!







XFI Plug N Play Package Deal:       $2500.00


  • XFI 2.0™ ECU w/ Intelligent Traction Control™ & Internal Data Logging

  • Wide-Band NTK O2 Sensor w/ Wiring Harness

  • 5 Ft. Communication Cable

  • USB to Serial Converter Cable

  • Chrome XFI™ Badge

FAST XFI with Internal Logger & Traction Control                  #301007


FAST™ engineers designed the revolutionary XFI 2.0™ with improved and expanded functions, capabilities and adjustability. In addition, they upgraded the user interface for power adders, including advanced forced induction, progressive controllability and other advanced racing specific strategies and features. Faster processing means no more flat spots in the power curve or settling for “close enough.” With a revolutionary new self tuning option, this is the one EFI system with the easy-to-use features and completely configurable capabilities that accurately balance fuel and spark, allowing you to fine tune and precisely control like never before.


** "ALL" of our XFI units come with a FREE Custom Start Up Program From Cal Hartline including Follow Up Tech Support with EVERY XFI Purchase!



XFI Touch Screen Dash with Data Logger                        #301417


The XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger features a 6-inch, fully programmable LCD touch screen display and has the ability to display its data in a multitude of scales, units and gauge configurations. Its backlit display can be user-customized to a wide variety of configurations at the touch of a finger or stylus. Engineered to work with any level of vehicle modification from stock to all-out race, the XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger is able to monitor and display output from a variety of different input sources, including frequency (rpm, wheel speed etc.), analog input and sources that require programmable input parameters such as MAP and MAF. As a data logger, the unit has a 2 MB memory module* that will store up to one hour of data.


XFI Fuel & Oil Logging Kit                                          #301407


Optional Fuel and Oil Pressure Sending Units for FAST™ XFI 2.0™. Includes 2 sending units and a wiring harness. These units will work with 0-100 PSI of pressure.


This kit shuts your engine down completely if it senses a loss of fuel or oil pressure!   


FAST EGT Module                                                          #301405


The XFI™ EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Module from FAST™ allows XFI™ owners to monitor up to 8 EGT sensors without requiring the use of the 8 square auxiliary XFI™ inputs. The XFI™ EGT Module utilizes a small, thin cable to communicate through a high speed CAN (Controller Area Network) connection protocol at 500 kbps.

The Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) module measures and transmits data from k-type thermocouples with a range of 32*-1670* F (0*-910* C). Once transmitted, the data is available for viewing and logging through either the XFI™ or the FAST™ Dash Logger.


  • EGT Module 

  • 8 Thermocouples and 8 fittings

  • Wiring Harness

  • Installation Manual 


FAST XFI to GN adapter Module                                #108135


This “Plug-And-Play” adapter module is designed to permit the FAST Fuel Management Computer to directly interface with the electrical system of the 1986-1989 Buick powered turbo engine harness. Installation is easy and reliable. The adapter is supplied with a laptop connector which connects to the interface cable supplied by FAST. There is also a wideband sensor connector which connects to the WBO2 interface cable also supplied by FAST. This adapter will work with both “bank to bank” and “sequential” systems.


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