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Applications:  67-92 F-body,   68-74 X-body

                        64-77 A-body,  78-88 G-body

1964-67 A-body

DSE 600 Steering Gear Box                                        #090204


Now you can achieve rack and pinion steering performance with a bolt-in steering gear. This steering gear can be used to replace the common GM 800 series power steering gear used from 1964 to 1992.

Its features include:
• All new steering gear unit, not rebuilt
• Increased steering feel due to low friction gear design Precision rack and pinion valve technology
• Late model performance car feel
• Quick ratio 12.7:1
• 6 lbs lighter than stock
• Original power pitman arm may be used
• New o-ring power steering hoses are needed
• 600 Steering Gear Outlet Fittings not included


For Ceramic coated, Add $150.00

New Rag Joint                                                                            #090205


New replacement rag joint with 3/4" - 30 spline coupling to be used with DSE's 600 steering gear and your stock column. It comes complete with a clinch bolt.


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