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G-Body Steering

Fits:  1978-88 G-Body

Applications:  67-92 F-body,   68-74 X-body

                        64-77 A-body,  78-88 G-body

Quick Ratio Steering Gear Box                  #11009565


Now you can achieve rack and pinion steering performance with a bolt-in steering gear. This steering gear can be used to replace the common GM 800 series power steering gear used from 1964 to 1992.

Its features include:
• All new steering gear unit, not rebuilt
• Increased steering feel due to low friction gear design Precision rack and  pinion valve technology
• Late model performance car feel
• Quick ratio 12.7:1
• 6 lbs lighter than stock
• Original power pitman arm may be used
• New o-ring power steering hoses are needed
• Steering Gear Outlet Fittings included !!


DSE Steering Shaft                                #092519


The DSE Steering Shaft Kit is designed to eliminate the factory rag joint assembly, creating firmer, more precise steering characteristics. Removal of the rag joint also improves underhood clearances. The kit includes a vibration reducing joint designed to insure that improved steering feel does not come at the cost of harshness or vibration.


New Rag Joint                                                  #090205


New replacement rag joint with 3/4" - 30 spline coupling to be used with DSE's 600 steering gear and your stock column. It comes complete with a clinch bolt.


Power Steering - Aluminum Remote Reservoir


This functional, yet attractive, fabricated aluminum reservoir includes a vented cap, an internal baffle to prevent aeration of the fluid, AN fittings; -10 outlet to pump and -6 inlet from gear and can be mounted anywhere such as the core support.


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