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TruTurn System

1978-88 G-Body

"New" Front TruTurn                                            #11329599


includes: StrongArms, tall ball joints, delrin bushings, tie-rod adjusters and tie rods.


The TruTurn system resolves bumpsteer and camber gain issues... the tires now lean INTO the turn, the bumpsteer is 0.065" through 5" of suspension travel, and you have clearance to run up to a 275mm Tire.


The TruTurn system resolves bumpsteer and camber gain issues... the tires now lean INTO the turn, the bumpsteer is 0.065" through 5" of suspension travel, and you have clearance to run a larger front Tire.


  • Taller upper ball joints to increase camber gain.

  • Integrates with OEM spindles.

  • Centers the wheels in the wheel well with increased caster settings.

  • Optimizes bumpsteer to under .065" through 5" of suspension travel.

  • Includes upper and lower StrongArms, ball joints, outer tie rods, Delrin bushings, and billet tie rod adjusters.


What say's "Performance" more than a set of tubular control arms! After all of the time and effort expended on your ride, you

definitely can't let your stamped OEM control arms detrack from all that work. Finish your suspension off with this new TruTurn

tubular control arm system by RideTech. Built with all the care and experiance you have come to expect from RideTech, this new

system is a precision engineered solution for ShockWave installation, ball joint binding, and frame clearance issues that can haunt some vehicles.


Development:  StrongArms™ are developed by Ridetech® in Jasper, Indiana on an actual running, driving vehicle. This allows us to properly address ALL fitment and performance issues. It also allows us to document an installation, demonstrate the installation to our sales techs and dealers, and allows ongoing evaluation of the performance of the StrongArms™


Design:  We think the best way to design any component is to keep it simple. That is why Strong Arms™ are designed with as few components as possible. We have a new 4 axis tubing bender that allows precise, repeatable bends that no other machine can achieve. We can create elegant tubing bends that would otherwise require several separate welded components.


Components:   We have worked closely with Moog, a major manufacturer of OEM ball joints, to ensure that the proper ball joints have been selected for the Application... a compression style unit in a compression application, a tension bal joint in a tension application. Proper poly or rubber bushings are selected based on application and the type of driving or racing that is anticipated.


Geometry:  Geometry of a suspension starts with the position of the frame mounts and the height of the spindle, not the shape of the control arm. However, there are a few small things in control arm design that can make a big difference in how a vehicle drives and performs.


 * We create extra caster potential by adjusting the fore and aft position of the ball joints. At the same time we make sure the wheel is properly positioned in the wheel-well so your new 18" wheels fit like they should!


 * The balljoint camber travel is re-centered to accommodate the new lowered ride height so the ball joint doesn’t bind during extreme suspension movement.


 * The perimeter of the StrongArms is contoured to allow maximum wheel clearance and turning radius.


 * All shock mounts, airspring mounts, and swaybar mounts are integrated into the design so you don’t have to finish the engineering in order to enjoy your ride!



   Frequently Asked Questions: 


   1) Do I have to modify my OEM frame / sub-frame?

       No modifications are neccessary at all.


   2) Can I use my exsisting OEM spindles with this system?

       Yes, the G-body TruTurn system was specifically designed to work with the OEM spindle


   3) What is "Bump-Steer" and why should I be concerned about it?

       Bump-steer is a term that refers to the control arms and the steering linkage moving in different arcs as the suspension

       moves through it's travel. When this happens the tie-rods will move the steering arms [and therefore the wheels] in

       directions the driver does not intend. This leads to an "uneasy" feeling car. Some OEM cars [especially older muscle cars]

       can have a lot of much as 1" !! Imagine the toe setting on your car changing unpredictably as you go

       down the road!  The TruTurn system nearly eliminates this situation...the bump-steer is only 0.065" over the entire 5" of

       suspension travel. This leads to a very stable and comfortable feeling vehicle.


   4) What is camber gain and why should I be concerned about it?

       Camber gain refers to the rate of camber change the spindle will see through the range of suspension travel.

       With most OEM cars [especially older muscle cars] the OEM suspension geometry will lean the compressed wheel

       OUT when turning. With the new TruTurn suspension the compressed wheel will lean INTO the turn, keeping the

       tire squarly on the ground thereby offering more lateral grip and offering a more stable turning experiance.

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